Palm Sunday Hillhead Parish Church at 8.00am

Sunday is of course Palm Sunday and there will be service as usual in all the churches. On Sunday evening there is an evening  services at  7.00pm in St.David’s


The following week we have a number of evening services in the four Kirkintilloch Churches.  On Monday we have a service at St Columba’s, on Tuesday we have a service at Hillhead, on Wednesday we have a service at St David’s and on Thursday there is a communion service at St.Mary’s. The Friday service is again at St Columba’s. All these services start at 7.30.


Also on Monday there is a service at 7pm at the Carmelite Monastery 

There is also a  Good Friday Walk of Witness, starting at Lenzie Old and on The Easter Morning, there is a walk  from Hillhead Parish Church at 8.00am.